MMW 2023 Black Hoodie

$38.99 $64.99

The black hoodie for Miami Music Week 2023, sponsored by Club Space and Link Miami Rebels, features a stunning blue Morfo butterfly in the front. The butterfly design is eye-catching and intricate, with a mix of vibrant blue and black colors that stand out against the dark background of the hoodie.

The hoodie itself is made of high-quality materials, lightweight, ensuring maximum comfort and durability for the wearer.  The hood is adjustable, allowing you to protect yourself from the sun or keep yourself warm during chilly evenings.

On the back of the hoodie, you'll find a great design with flowers. 

Overall, this black hoodie is the perfect addition to your Miami Music Week 2023 wardrobe. It's stylish and represents one of the most influential clubs in Miami's electronic music scene.

Fit: runs small, please check the measurements below

armpit to armpit, length (shoulder to bottom)

S: 20.5, 23" (sold out)
M: 21.5", 24", 

L:  22.5", 27" (sold out)
XL: 23.5", 27" (sold out)

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